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At JKBLS Global Services Nigeria, we offer the following services: Offshore Security Services, Onshore Security Services, Intelligence & Incident Response, Vessel Leasing, Safety, Fire Fighting Equipment, Industrial Fire Fighting Eqipment, Fire Detection Equipment, Security Surveillance Equipment, Journey Management.

Offshore Security Services

JKBLS’s Maritime Services aid our clients in understanding the threats posed to their maritime assets whilst conducting operations in hostile waters. Once these threats have been identified, we can assist clients in developing custom security solutions to mitigate the highlighted risks.

In a nutshell, we provide the following services from the key side and offshore:

  • Port Security Services
  • Vessel Escorts
  • Provision of Security Boats
  • Provision of Skilled Personnel to mount boats
  • Security Advise and Awareness
  • Threat Assessment

A range of benefits can be gleaned from commissioning these services as a holistic package, having one company managing each element of your Maritime Security both offshore and in ports will ensure an efficient and cohesive approach. Due to our unparalleled standards and our ability to support operations where most other companies are unable or unwilling to assist, we provide security services for some of the world’s largest maritime companies, protecting their vessels, cargo and most importantly, their crews and seafarers.

Onshore Security Services

We provide man guards, port facility security officers, personal body guards and we have bits all around Lagos as well as a few tank farms.

We install bespoke security equipment for remote survailance as well as access control gadgets and are happy to respond to any of your request of this kind.

JKBLS prides itself on the caliber of its staff, from our Directors and Office Support Staff to our Deployed Field Consultants; we aim to ensure that we only select the most suitable personnel for each task.

Our Security Consultants are all Ex-Military, qualified Maritime Security Officers who have undergone extensive training prior to being selected to represent JKBLS. As well as certified qualifications, we choose our consultants based on a number of other factors that we feel are important for the Security Consultant role:

  • Excellent Communications Skills – It is vital that consultants are confident and professional when communicating with a wide range of people, including local Navy personnel, Captains, Crew and local authorities where necessary.
  • Personality – A calm but authoritative demeanour and the ability to adapt to ever-changing operational situations are key personality traits for successful MSOs working in difficult environments such as West Africa.
  • Experience – Our Security Consultants are expected to possess relevant experience of working in hostile environments gained in the Gulf of Guinea or other High Risk Areas. If a Consultant has not previously worked in the Gulf of Guinea, they would receive on-the-job mentoring from a more experienced Team Leader until they are confident with the idiosyncrasies associated with providing security in West Africa.


Our deployed teams are all supplied with: Visual Aids - Including binoculars, night vision goggles and high power torches to assist with the swift identification of potential threats at all hours.

Radios – UHF Intrinsically safe radios are used to ensure the highest levels of safety when operating around flammable cargoes. The UHF radio provides suitable range to operate onboard whilst minimizing the opportunity for security breach by interception at range.

Medical trauma pack – All consultants are fully-trained in FPOSi and MIRA principles.

Satellite phone – All JKBLS satellite phones not only provide direct communication with the security team 24 hours a day, but are also equipped with GPS trackers. This global tracking system has an in-built alarm system, allowing the security team to automatically alert the operations room in the UK in the event of an inciden.

Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) - Including Body armour level 3+ and helmets.

Intelligence and Incident Response

Our Intelligence capability is second to none. Our analysis combines in-depth open source research with on the ground information from consultants and local Navies. This corroboration of multiple sources ensures that our clients receive the most accurate intelligence in ever-changing and time sensitive scenarios.



What We Offer

  • Offshore Security Services
  • Onshore Security Services
  • Intelligence & Incident Response
  • Vessel Leasing
  • Safety
  • Fire Fighting Equipment
  • Industrial Fire Fighting Eqipment
  • Fire Detection Equipment
  • Security Surveillance Equipment
  • Journey Management